I’m super excited to be finally going on holiday next week, but as usual am nowhere near beach ready. The fact is will I ever be? Isn’t it time to embrace the body I have, it gave me a baby at 41 and I’m quite sure bouncing back isn’t as easy in your 40’s as perhaps your 20’s. as I’ve got older I’ve become a firm believer in making the most of what you’ve got, rather than always wanting to be something else. I’ll always focus on staying fit & healthy, eating well & balanced – but always allowing a treat here and there.
So swimwear can be tricky. I know the bits I like & the bits I choose to hide, but once stripped back to swimwear there’s no hiding. However there’s plenty we can do to feel more confident.

I personally prefer a one piece now, perhaps one day I’ll get back in a bikini but thats a whole other  blog post…!

The perfect swimsuit for me will offer support (boobage) and somehow hide the mum tum while elongating the legs. So as this is hard to find this is my way around it. Here are a few I’m loving right now.

Print! People shy away from print thinking all black is the best option. In my opinion print is fab for disguising the bits you may not want visible, think of it as a camouflage.  Also picking the right colours to flatter your skin tone or highlight your sun kissed skin can flatter far more than a basic black swimsuit.

Ruffles – amazing for adding curves where you want them.  A bit of frillage across the bust can create the illusion of more there as well as looking super cute.  A ruffle on the hips can also create curve for those wanting more hip or booty.  A shoulder ruffle can balance out bigger hips and make the waist appear smaller.

Slogans- love a slogan tee? Why not a slogan cossie? I do find a good slogan can draw attention to what your wearing but can also draw attention away from other parts you may not like. Lots of fab slogan swimsuits out there and really inexpensive.

Support – very important to me! The wrong shape can take you from busty to frumpy. I love strapless but it does not love me. So I go for a hidden support or if I love the costume and it offers none, I wear a string bikini top underneath. It suits my shape and can look great. You can also peel down your swimsuit when sunbathing to expose as much or as little as you want. Win win.  A one shoulder can also provide some support and looks uber cool.

asos fuller bust swimsuit, sold out.

Similar here ..

Finally don’t be shy to go bold! There are so many gorgeous designs of swimwear out there now & considering how much time you spend in them on beach holidays why not make it exciting to wear. Dress up with a beautiful cover up or sarong, and elongate the legs with a pair of wedges. None of this has to cost lots with sites such as asos & boohoo offering such great prices. Also shopping now for your next holiday is a great time as lots of beachwear is reduced as the season is changing.


Thanks for reading


The Summermama  x



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