So Ive given sustainability a lot of thought recently. We’ve always recycled, tried to use minimum packaging, use our own water bottles & coffee cups etc. But I am guilty of using disposable fashion. I decided to try to shop wiser and better.

The capsule wardrobe is nothing new. But I’ve really been working on this. Creating looks with what I have and seeing what’s really missing. A good blazer is a good start. Now I must confess I have a blazer addiction. They are just so effortlessly chic, can be worn with anything, all year round.

So knowing what I had in mind, I really did shop around, & tried loads on. I particularly loved this one in Zara.


However, the one I went for was from H&M, and not actually the classic blazer I was looking for, more a coat/blazer, and I went oversized, kind of like you ‘borrowed your partners blazer’ size. I love this look so much & this is how I styled it.

Blazer H&M (also comes in pink- which I think I might buy too)

My blazer addiction will never end, but I’ll definitely be going for more classic shapes & styles from now on.

Hope you’ve found some blazer inspo here too!

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama xx

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