I’m a skincare product junkie and obsessed with reading and trying new remedies.  Having worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out many different lotions & potions During that time. I struggled with my skin when I was younger, but now I struggle with trying to repair the mistakes of those younger years!!…too much partying, not enough sleep, chuck in a lack of sunscreen, a 2 year old ( is there anything more ageing than motherhood?)  exhaustion & a love of red wine and you can see the foundations I’m working with here. However it is never too late to start and happily I’ve always maintained some form of skincare routine, but never have I seen such good results as with the basic combination of products I currently use.


Cleanse: The fabulous Liz Earle hot polish cleanser. I have tried many other cleansing balm/hot cloth cleansers including Eve Lom and still found this to be the best!! The cleanser itself removes the fiercest of eye make up as well as all dirt & impurities and leaves my skin feeling baby soft, super clean & never tight. If I’ve had a late night and do nothing else to my skin I always still use this. I buy this in John Lewis & you can also buy from


Tone: So I never knew Toner was good for dry skin until a beautiful facial I had a couple of years ago involved the Elemis rehydrating ginseng toner (again available at John Lewis) this is my wonder product. I use it far too much as a few spritzes during the day before, or over make up completely rehydrate & refresh my skin. My husband even has a cheeky spritz now & then!


Moisturise: & treatment – I give you ………..The Ordinary….

Everyone is talking about it, & there’s good reason for this!  This range is anything but ordinary. I first read about the ordinary some time ago in a post by Lee Pycroft & then Nadine Baggott (both make up, skincare & wellness gurus)  slightly overwhelmed with the huge choice of products and some quite frankly strange scientific sounding names, I started with the hyaluronic acid (hydration), the vitamin c suspension (mixed opinions on this but I love it) & The buffet (multi peptide serum).

The difference in my skin was noticeable within days.  Clearer & definitely more hydrated.  I’m a total convert.

My range has now expanded to quite a collection of these cute laboratory looking bottles. The fantastic thing is the price point is so affordable you can afford to try out new combinations for your skin until you find the perfect solution. It’s well worth taking the time to read up on the products as I truly believe there is something in there for everyone.

The ordinary range is available to buy from, & many other outlets. These outlets are just my choices to buy from ( next day delivery with asos).

IMG_0055Eye cream:  Good old philosophy. Now I have definitely tried most of this range having worked on the brand in the past, & I love so much of it, but this eye cream works for me like no other. The ‘miracle worker’ is an anti ageing retinoid eye repair.  You can actually feel it tingle when you apply it.  I like this lots, like I can feel it working on those crinkles (of which there are many…. I obviously laugh A LOT) Order online at,, John Lewis & bigger Boots.


Lip: So many lip balms, creams and potions out there and I’ve found a super cheap remedy that beats anything I’ve ever used. Only issue is it’s made in South Africa. It’s called Zam Buk and is a wonder product used for lips, elbows, knees and any other dry skin. My husband introduced me to this and I’m a convert. The South Africans call it ‘The hospital in your pocket’.

Lastly, it’s been said a million times before but the best things you can do for your skin are free, – drink plenty of water. Hydrating and flushing away impurities what could be more simple. Try and drink a glass of water as soon as you wake, (I then follow with coffee believe me) but first…. water! Dehydration causes tiredness, a glass of water in the morning has the same effect as a cup of coffee!  And sleep. Ahh I miss sleep! Easier said than done, so failing that try a big smile, it lifts your whole face and mood x


I do use a large number of other products but these really are the basics so will post again on skincare extras & my tricks to fake it!  Im in my 40’s with a 2 year old child. I by no means have perfect skin but I believe in making the best of what you’ve got! Love the skin you’re in & it will show.

Do you have a wonder product you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading

The Summermama x

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