The shoe of dreams.  I thought it was a myth, after all there is so much dreamy footwear out there.  I thought I’d found it before with my black patent pigalle Christian Louboutins, – alas they now belong to someone else, sold off after literally crippling my feet badly enough I hobbled for a few days after.  So these days I mainly run around in trainers, vans or boots. My lifestyle does not fare well with high heel shoes, & I rarely look at them.  But every now & then I see a shoe of such beauty I long to wear and remember just how good a pair of heels can make you look & feel.

Ladies I bring you the blue shoes of joy!  These cobalt blue satin shoes are adorned with a bejewelled badge, a high heel, pointy toe with just the right cut to be super flattering- & the most important part…(when you’re my age anyway) they are COMFORTABLE! Oh sweet shoes of joy.

These beauties are obvious copies of the blue satin Manolo Blahnik pair used by Big to propose to Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the city movie. Carrie was thrilled with the shoes, more so than perhaps a ring. I feel you Carrie!

Now I’m fully aware these shoes have been copied before many times over the years, and for some reason I was never tempted by them before until now. This stunning Marks and Spencer version is available in a navy, nude, black and fushia pink colour too. A kitten heel and a flat shoe version. So much choice.

The day I bought mine in Kingston Marks and Spencer every woman in the shoe department made a comment, all positive, and 2 more ladies went to buy them. They really are so pretty, your only tough decision is which colour to go for. Although it was a resounding yes for the cobalt blue that day.

Buy them here Marks & Spencer

Now the shoes themselves are perfect for all those Christmas festivities, adding a touch of bling to to any outfit, Whatever I wear I know they will instantly make me feel uber glamorous…

but here’s the best bit, the price, just £35 ENGLISH POUNDS YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!

which leads me to this,…the reason I held out buying them until last week is because I was waiting for Marks and Spencer to launch their 2017 beauty advent calendar. If you spend £35 in store or online you can purchase this fabulous beauty box worth over £200 for £35!!! Yes yes it’s a Christmas miracle. I bought one last year and absolutely loved trying a different product every day that I wouldn’t ordinarily use, it’s how I first tried the Formula Absolute moisture cream that you know I am a massive fan of and have been using ever since.

I’m looking forward to trying lots of new products starting on Dec 1st and hopefully discovering some new skincare gems. So my plan is to have skin as sparkly as my shoes this Christmas! After all another famous shoe lover knew that the right pair of shoes can change your life. 😘😘

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