Firstly, happy new year to you all!! And Yes yes you read that right, JOLLY JANUARY. January is the month that gets the hardest time, it’s called depressing by nearly everyone!,..and the days are wished away. So this year, 2018, I decided to embrace the new year on a positive note. I’m going to make January jolly! Ok so we are all a bit empty of pocket after Xmas but that doesn’t mean you can’t make & look forward to future plans.

Starting with TRAVEL

Any type of travel is a major excitement for me, anything from day trips (we do this lots and they can be super cheap – days out in London, free museums, & lots of national trust park visits, for this we have NT membership gifted to us every year from the in laws and we use LOTS) to fabulous overseas trips. We are going to South Africa this spring, pictures above are from our last trip 2 years ago. It’s a big trip, long flight with a little one but such a beautiful country and as my husband is South African is always a wonderful reunion with family. and I’m already planning outfits! It’s going to be super hot when we are there so I’m already looking at beach fashion & dreaming of the amazing food & wine.

We are also really hoping to try a couple of new city breaks this year. We are lucky enough to have done lots in the past (pre baby) so thinking maybe Lisbon and Berlin this year.

I love the start of something new. A new year is a chance to motivate yourself to do something new. Who cares if it doesn’t last? It might do so isn’t it worth a try? I regularly gym but always fall off the wagon in December so love getting back into it in January. This year I’ve tried Pilates for the first time & loved it! I’ll be back next week. Again you do not need to take out expensive gym membership, start by running. It’s free and ANYONE can do it. It doesn’t matter how fast or far. Just move. The feeling afterwards is so uplifting it’s all worth it! Chase those endorphins. Also the time to yourself can feel wonderful. I find running a great way to relax and focus my mind. When I had my daughter my father passed away shortly after. Once I found the physical strength to go to the gym months later I can honestly say it helped my mental strength more than anything. I can’t recommend it enough. Just do it!

And of course, fashion! You know I love my fashion but winter fashion is not my favourite. I’m a summer mamma! Spring is just around the corner, bringing colour and print in abundance. We’ve already had some sunshine this week putting a spring in my step!

New Year goals! I love making new year resolutions. I just love making a list full stop. This year brings changes in our house, – my little girl will start primary school in sept. I may need counselling to deal with this, it’s a huge change. She’s essentially been my life for the last 3 years and I’ll have to let go a little…somehow. So I’m preparing myself by planning my own goals to achieve this year. I’ve already got a couple of projects on the go and plan to blog a lot more! I absolutely love it & I’ve got lots more to share with you all.

We are also getting a dog this year. Finally at 45 I am getting my dog. I’m such an animal lover and whilst I’ve always wanted a dog didn’t feel it was fair to have one when we both worked full time leaving it alone all day and lived in a flat. So now I work from home and we finally moved into our house last year, it’s time to find the 4th member of our family.

So 2018 I am so excited to see what you bring, and January is the welcome to this year. I would love to hear what your hopes, dreams and plans are? . Are you making any big changes or planning a move/trip away? Share the excitement and make January Jolly!

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama x x

2 thoughts on “Jolly January

  1. Love your positive approach to January, I agree it’s a great opportunity to look forward to the year ahead and plan what to do. South Africa sounds like it will be fun! I agree that you don’t have to spend lots of money and short breaks/days out are just as exciting as longer holidays, especially when you have little ones in tow. And speaking of little ones – we have a dog on our list as the next addition to the family!! I’ve been putting the kids off because we travel a lot right now, but I’ll be interested to hear how you get on!! Happy January 🙂


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