The ever so pretty Peggy Porschen Parlour has been on my list of places to go now for such a long time. So over the Christmas break – in those days between Christmas & New year where all days become a blur, we finally made it to the cake shop of Instagram dreams.

First of all, be prepared to wait. & wait,…and wait.

It was a very cold miserable day and I really had no idea I would be waiting outside in the howling wind for over an hour for cake, especially with my non cake loving husband & an impatient 3 year old in tow. The promise of a chocolate cupcake did placate the daughter (she’s like her mother – cake ) the husband just kept raising eyebrows at the constant stream of people posing for pictures outside the iconic front door. Obviously that included me. It’s fascinating to watch the power of Instagram. One couple must’ve taken around 100 pictures and were still posing a full hour later when we finally were allowed in to the very tiny, but just oh so pretty parlour. The cake, ie the prop, remained untouched. I know this as was watching it longingly…,

…So we finally got to the front of the queue ⬆️ hurrah, we were ushered into the pink sweet smelling parlour. It’s really quite tiny inside, and service although very good, is pressured. You can understand when people are waiting in the cold for over an hour and the customers inside are taking endless pics for social media rather than enjoying the cake, which I can assure you we did, it really was delicious. It’s not somewhere I recommend going with a group of girlfriends. The tables are just for 2, with not much space between them. We were seated and handed the menu immediately upon finally entering the pretty parlour.

The chocolate cupcake was ordered for my daughter, I went for the champagne & strawberry cupcake & the husband plumped for the salted caramel cake. All were honestly so delicious, it was incredibly difficult to choose! The coffee was also fantastic. There’s not many things in life I like more than coffee & cake. This place really really does it well.

As you can see it was worth the wait…..

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One thought on “The Peggy Porschen Pinkest of Parlours

  1. Thanks so much for blogging about Peggy P’s, it’s really good to know practical details such as wait times and table sizes for groups. Sounds like a wonderful way to while away the time taking pics and eating cake and drinking coffee if you’re out with a friend or a mother/daughter treat! The cakes do look delicious and it does have one of the most instafamous entrances!!! 😉


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