Bo Kaap – Today we went to check out the famous Bo Kaap. It’s an area known for its colourful buildings but there’s so much more to this area than pretty pastel houses.

The Malay Quarter, known by some as “Bo-Kaap” and built largely by and for the artisans of Cape Town between 1790 and 1825, was subsequently occupied by people of the Moslem faith. Liberated slaves moved into the area after 1834 and with them Malay people who had been living in the town. Over the years the area has come to be identified as the heart of the cultural life of the Malay people. Major influences of their life in the Cape have been their religion, the culture of their forebears, visits to Mecca and the Dutch and English colonists.

Skills and talents passed down from generation to generation accompanied the malay people. Not only skilled craftsman but superb cooks and cuisines blossomed. The Cape Malay Cuisine are not only delicious but unique and has played a huge role in South African dishes. The dishes are a combination of asian, arab and european which makes people view food in a different light.

Just a 10 min drive from Camps Bay where we are staying we decided to spend the morning there and then wander round the Green Market Square and Church Street for excellent coffee at Mozart’s.

As you can see from the pictures this was another fabulous day in Cape Town …

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama xx

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