Boulders beach is somewhere I have always wanted to go, but somehow we didn’t make it last time we came to South Africa, so this time I was determined to see those penguins.

Boulders beach is in Simon’s Town, around 45 minutes drive from Camps Bay where we are staying, so we set off early on rather a grey day, which sadly took away from the fantastic views you get on this drive.

However nothing could distract from the penguins. Just amazing to see them free & happy, and we were the ones behind the fence. They are so relaxed and you can get quite close to them, it seems everyone has a healthy respect and doesn’t bother them either. It was fantastic to make it there and my daughter absolutely loved it too.

The sun then made an appearance just as we settled on the beach for a picnic & a paddle.

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama xx

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