So as you may know from my Instagram account we are about to have a serious adventure. We are off to sunny Madrid for a couple of years.

My husband was offered a fantastic opportunity and we have decided as a family it will be amazing for us all. My daughter will go to an international school and learn Spanish. I personally think it’s incredible that she will speak another language fluently in a year. Such a gift to speak another language. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now we all have that chance to learn.

Aside from that Madrid is such a special City. I’ve been over a couple of times now to get my bearings and we’ve found an apartment in El Viso, right next to the Bernabeu, so I’ve decided to invest in football and get behind Real Madrid – seeing as I literally live behind their stadium. On a personal level for me, I plan on investing in my blog and documenting life in Madrid, sharing this adventure with you as I discover this city.

I’ve never lived anywhere other than the UK. It’s going to be a learning curve, exciting, overwhelming, interesting and the most fun journey for the 3 of us.

So I’d love to share this with you via my blog. From moving to a new apartment in a new city in a new country, to the first day of school for Lila and navigating my way round. I’ll be taking pictures galore and obviously still posting my OOTD in my new surroundings for my Instagram but also you’ll find more day to day life on my blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading ..

The SummerMama xxx

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