Well we are here at last. New Home, new school, new country. It’s been wonderful, confusing, exciting and daunting, but we did it! Now the Spanish adventure begins.

We found our apartment before we moved here so it didn’t feel unfamiliar arriving here on that Sunday evening. We had a couple of days before our daughter started school so we tried to get settled as soon as we could. Our removal men turned up with our belongings on the Monday morning so the unpacking began and it really began to feel like home with our bits in place.

Personally my biggest challenge was going to be settling my daughter into school. A summer born starting school as the youngest in her class could have been difficult anyway but in totally unfamiliar surroundings it did prove to be tough. We’ve had an extended summer just us two, so the separation anxiety was bound to kick in. It did. But I’m pleased to say after a week and a half things are getting better. She’s going to a wonderful international school following the English curriculum with the loveliest class of mixed nationalities & is loving her new friends, not so much the long days.

Now the language. I don’t speak Spanish, and you do need it in Madrid. We will be having lessons and I honestly can’t wait to start them. The pointing and gesturing in order to communicate it’s comical at times and I’m just glad the Spanish people are patient and have a good sense of humour.

There is so much to see & do in Madrid and at this stage I’m not the official tour guide, but I will share my discoveries and city style with you along the way..

The food is incredible. No one does tomatoes like the Spanish. We are really into healthy eating and that’s so easy to do out here. But that’s a whole other blogpost….

Madrid is a very built up city, but it does have a stunning park called Retiro Park, which has playparks, open space, a lake for boating & scooters! This is definitely our Sunday favourite so far..

There is also always something going on in Madrid! In the space of 2 weeks we’ve had the King of Spain pass by our street in a huge parade, a fly by over our terrace (we are the top floor) closer than I’ve ever seen!!! Real Madrid playing at home & the Madrid 10k.

It’s a super busy neighbourhood & adjusting to city life has been really easy. We’ve also found a beautiful local park, which I’ll be popping to most afternoons after school. I’ll always miss leafy Surrey but having found this gorgeous park so close it’s like a little bit of home on our doorstep.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading & these Madrid moments. I’ll be sharing lots more of our journey along the way.

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama x

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