Hola! 6 weeks into our adventure and I’m definitely starting to find my way in Madrid. We’ve had our first visitor already, my mum came out for 2 weeks which was really wonderful and we shared some Madrid moments together.

I’ll be honest, it’s been easier than I thought. The language is my biggest obstacle, and I finally had my first lesson last week so delighted that I’ve made a start. Our Spanish teacher is ace, so here’s hoping it goes ok as the first lesson was fun,  – but confusing. I only studied French and a bit of Italian at school. So many people said to me ‘oh if you know French you’ll be fine with Spanish it’s very similar. It. Isn’t. That’s all!!

Having Mum here was great tho, for many reasons not least I had to take control and show her around my new city. Navigating the Metro system has been super easy and there is just so much to do in Madrid. I think the architecture alone thrilled my mum as it is incredible.

I’ve found a new confidence in myself, getting out & about, mainly on my own. Literally armed with my iPhone (thank god for google maps is all I’m saying) I make a new list every week of where I want to go, (I do love a list) I need to make the most of our time here, experience a different life, I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I am here!

Moving here was not without fear and doubt. It caused many a sleepless night full of anxiety, worrying for my daughter, for me, for us? I mean I’d never even done the travelling thing, the longest I’d been out of the country was for 3 weeks and that was my honeymoon. But it has been incredible so far. We seemed to have found our groove Spanish style. My daughter is adapting really well and although I miss my family and friends very much- thank god for WhatsApp & besties,!I still feel very close to them all.

A darling friend I used to work with was over here on business so an impromptu meet up with her, as well as having friends visits booked in for the near future also lifts the spirits. I’m so looking forward to showing them around and of course, the shopping. Zara and Mango are AMAZING here, slightly cheaper and far too close to my house. Meh. Lots of trying not buying going on, my self control is severely tested out here but I’m managing!

The differences between life here and back in Surrey are mainly moving from the burbs to a built up city, we are bang in the middle of it here but I love it. And simple things like I Watch a lot less telly, I never watched a huge amount anyway but it’s literally not even on at all till late evening. I get out every day & have never been busier. I thought with Lila out all day now at school it would drag, but I didn’t know Madrid then did I…❤️ I’m having my Carrie moment, except it’s not Paris it’s Madrid, the man, the love of my life, never let’s go. Most importantly it’s not Carrie it’s Adeline & I’ve got this.

Have a fabulous week all

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama







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