In December we took a mini break to Valencia. We took the train from Madrid which took less than 2 hours, and stayed in the old town. We rented an air b&b apartment which is always my preferred accommodation when travelling with children. It’s so much easier having your own space, kitchen, separate rooms etc to enable everyone to settle in new surroundings. The apartment we rented was owned by the most helpful couple (honestly they were incredible, & provided any info you could possibly need) and in the perfect location. Such beautiful rustic decor it really felt homely and I’m happy to pass on details should anyone be looking to visit Valencia. I did have a few messages from you while I was there, saying that you were coming or were planning to. You will have a fabulous time, so here’s a little taster….

Valencia old town is full of street art, beautiful buildings & churches and the climate is good all year round. In summer it does get incredibly hot but in December it was 18 degrees most days so absolutely perfect.

We really just wanted some time together away from everything to regroup. It’s been a crazy few months with the move to Spain, sorting our house back in Surrey, Lila starting school & adapting to a totally new way of life. We spent our days exploring, eating and as standard with a 4 year old plenty of play-park action too. Valencia is famous for paella, it’s the home of paella. Paella is traditionally served with rabbit (I didnt know this) but honestly I’m not a fan so couldn’t try it to write up on it, but if you are- you will find the best of the best here.

We also visited the most stunning Aquarium called Oceanografic. I totally recommend a visit, with or without children it’s incredible.

It was just what we needed and a new experience for me to walk around jacket free in December. We will definitely be back whilst we are here in Spain.

I hope I’ve given you a little taste of Valencia. We are definitely going back later in the year. We only took 3 days, & there is so much more to see. The next trip we will take will be Seville, early in the year as again it gets incredibly hot and we want to explore. I just want to see so much more of Spain, and there’s a lot of it!

Have a great week, thanks for reading

The SummerMama x

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