Welcome to ‘Style Secrets’! I shall be doing a series of interviews with bloggers/Instagram accounts who will share with us their fashion tips. We follow them, we love their feed – so it’s great to get to know them a little more behind the squares . I’m delighted to bring you some of their ‘Style Secrets’ ….

I’m starting my series with Nikki from @40notfrumpy . Nikki is a Mum and musician from Surrey . I found Nikki when I started my Instagram account & I was looking for someone I could relate to, for achievable daily outfit inspiration, and that’s what 40 not frumpy is all about. She presents accessible style & always engages with her followers in an honest and open way.  Nikki gave me my first ever shout out on Instagram, and is always so supportive of other accounts.   I was delighted when she agreed straightaway to be interviewed, so here’s what I asked her:

Q. How do you describe your style in one sentence?

A. Rather underdressed than overdressed – chilled with an edge.

Q. Best piece of fashion advice you’ve been given?

A. Finding put what body shape I am really helped me – and learning to dress for it.  I’m an hourglass so fitted clothes suit me better than oversized.

Q. Whats your ‘go to’ item in your wardrobe?

A. Hard to say just one, but a good pair of jeans or well fitting blazer cant be beaten.

Q. Why did you start your instagram?

A.  I started it because I re-ignited my love of fashion and gained confidence after my 3 stone weight loss with Slimming World.

Also turning 40 around the same time was a positive thing, I truly believe that you dont have to be frumpy in your 40’s – hence the name ’40notfrumpy’.

Q. How do you cope with the pressure of a rapidly growing account?

A.  it was rapidly growing for a while but has slowed down a lot recently.  I see instagram as fun and as its not my main source of income I’m quite chilled about it.

Q. Nikki you’re a talented composer.  Can you tell us a little about that?

A. Ahh thanks!  I’ve been playing piano since I was 3, and composing since I was 6! I’ve played and sung live in many bands over the years and teach piano.  I’ve been writing music for TV for the past few years, particularly for Mary Berry.  Its an Honour.

Q. Can you share a couple of ‘ones to watch on Insta?’ A shout out to any smaller account or brands you are currently loving?

A. I always love music related brands and am a huge fan of Disko Kids.  I also love Rock the Jumpsuit – the brands style is so cool.

Q. Money no object, whats the one item you’d buy to add to your wardrobe?

A. A Chanel bag – classic

Q. What are your current high street faves?

A. Zara!!! Possibly too much.. Topshop, Oasis, Mango, H&M & Warehouse.

Q. Finally, whats your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

A. At the moment its probably my All Saints biker.  Edges up dresses and Looks great with jeans.

Thanks so much Nikki for sharing your style secrets with us.  You can follow Nikki on @40notfrumpy for more daily fashion inspiration.

Thanks for reading

The Summer Mama xx


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