It’s International Woman’s Day 2019 & what a day to post!  I’m all about celebrating women and today I’m bringing you more ‘Style Secrets’ from the gorgeous & inspirational @kerryannemarlin .

I found Kerry’s account about a year ago now and was immediately girl crushing on her feminine style. She doesn’t follow the trends – she makes them her own. Kerry has a real appreciation of fashion, enjoying the fabrics and colours as much as the actual fit. Kerry engages with her followers daily via her stories, shes refreshingly honest & genuine, sharing tips on everything from how to look taller to how she edits her pics. She’s kindly answered a few questions for us to get to know more about her love of fashion and the woman behind the pictures.

Q. How do you describe your style?

A. I like quite feminine styles and love to dress up with heels and dresses on holidays, but a lot of the time I’m in joggers or jeans too if I’m doing errands or work from home.

Q. Which is your current favourite trend?

A. I’m still loving the silky slip skirt, but I’m obsessed with hairclips and accessories. You can be feeling not your ‘best’ or having a fat day, but you can always wear a hair clip.

Q. What’s your ‘go to’ item in your wardrobe?

A. A jumper dress – it’s so easy to wear and flattering, and I’ve been adding my Gucci tights which completely dresses it up. Actually although quite expensive for tights they are definitely something I go to if I want to dress up a bit more.


Q. Why did you start your Instagram?

A. Ages ago I just looked at it all the time as I’m obsessed with fashion, and it was another form of a magazine. I’d save pictures and get ideas and inspiration for outfits, and either try to copy them or but the actual outfit. I then thought I may as well try to post my own ideas. Although I look back now at my pictures and cringe, I think I look back every few months & cringe 😂.

Q. You also use YouTube & IGTV. Which is your favourite way to engage with your followers and why?

A. Although I do use YouTube and IGTV I think my favourite way is on stories. I love chatting and really feel like I’m just chatting with friends and having a laugh… Sometimes I do think I’m the only one finding this funny. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes 😂.

Q. Kerry you are a cancer survivor and your positive outlook & attitude to life is so inspiring. You’ve clearly gone through some incredibly difficult times. Do your followers reach out to you for support? .

A. This is one of the things I felt I wanted to share. I had a lot of women contact me who went through or are going through a tough time with cancer, or other problems, and I feel I need to share my story so they know it can be okay. As well as giving some insights as to what happens when you get diagnosed, I wanted to help people not feel so alone or scared. It was one of the places I found people in a similar situation and it helped me so much. Every now and then I get a message from someone having treatment, saying I made them laugh, or they liked a story, or I gave them some courage and it really makes it all worth it sharing the whole story.

Q. Who’s your style icon?.

A. I’ve always loved the looks of the blonde icons like Bridgette Bardot & I used to love Madonna in her blonde Vogue days. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller more recently. Always blondes as it seems.

Q. Money no object, what’s the one item you’d buy to add to your wardrobe? .

A. A Chanel bag. In white.

Q. Which are your current favourite high street stores?

A. &other stories, Top Shop & Mango.

Q. How’s the holiday drawer coming along? Any new purchases?.

A. 😂 I love the holiday drawer. Gives you something to plan for and look forward to. I splashed out and got a Cult Gaia dress, because I searched everywhere possible for something similar and nothing compared. I’ll show you when I go on holiday, if I actually get it booked. If I buy something that’s a bit pricey like this I always tried to sell a few things on eBay first, and also stop buying so many little tops and random things. It really does add up and you can buy one good thing rather than loads of cheap things.

Q. Finally, what’s your all time favourite item in your wardrobe?

A. My cat when she sleeps there ☺️

Jokes aside… At the moment it’s a dress I got from Net a Porter by Alice Temperley. I couldn’t really afford to get it but it went into the sale and kept getting discounted until it was 70% off. I’ve worn it every holiday I’ve been on and will wear it for years to come, it’s just the best silky material ever. It feels better that it was a bargain to. Feels like I achieved something😂

Oh and definitely my Primark pyjamas. Always Primark PJ’s .

Thank you so much Kerry for sharing your ‘Style Secrets’ with us. I’m definitely style crushing a little bit more now! It’s so lovely to find out more about you.

For daily outfit inspiration & more, follow Kerry on @kerryannemarlin

Thanks for reading

The Summer Mama


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