Yes we’ve been here 6 months already! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, it still feels so new..I still feel the excitement of new beginnings every morning when I wake up and look out the window at the blue Madrid sky

When we first moved here I was full of fear if I’m really honest. Stepping into the unknown not speaking the language Lila starting school being all alone no friends or family. But deep down I do know I’m braver than that. I’ve always been very independent. I knew that it could be lonely, but that was not going to effect my experience here in anyway. And it hasn’t.

When you don’t go to work every day you don’t find an immediate set of friends to socialise with. Not that I socialise much having a small child anyway to be fair. I haven’t felt lonely. I think in this day and age with so many means of contacting people you can always feel close to the people you love no matter where you are in the world.

I found settling in so much easier than I thought it would be. When we first moved here and up until a couple of weeks ago the weather was extremely cold just as it is back home in Surrey. It’s only now it’s starting to change that I feel such excitement for the summer ahead. I’m definitely an outdoorsy kind of person, and good weather does offer much more opportunity for doing these things.

Lila has settled really well. Like all kids she made new friends so easily. I knew she would be okay it was just such a big step starting school for the first time anyway, but then being surrounded by a different language once you hit the playground (it’s an English-speaking school/international school, however most of the children will obviously revert to their mother tongue in the playground) could’ve been extremely daunting for her. But she just took it in her stride. That’s my girl.

Our quest to discover more of Spain has gone well so far considering it’s been winter. We’ve made it to Valencia (as per my blog post) Segovia, and Toledo, as well as a few trips back home.

We’ve got a few more trips back home for family events and occasions, then Seville & Barcelona are next on our Spanish trip list. All are accessible by train from Madrid. This for me is one of the most amazing things about living here in Madrid. The fact that we really do appreciate every moment of our weekends. Lila is also getting to see and experience different things and enjoying them. Turns out for four years old she is an absolutely brilliant traveller. Although Lloyd and I are planning a cheeky trip to Copenhagen in the summer but we will be leaving the munch with my mum this time!

In general life just goes on as normal but you’re in a different city in different surroundings and of course with a different language. Now as you know we have been having lessons. Not often enough, and also I have not worked hard enough in my own time (or at all) to improve this. I’m quite hard on myself about this, but now realise when I read menus, or leaflets, I do actually understand some of what it saying. Whereas I had absolutely zero Spanish before. I guess this is where I’m at I’m not confident at all to have a full on conversation in Spanish, but I am getting by. And I still want to carry on learning obviously.

Personally for me the last few months have been so enjoyable and productive. My Instagram continues to gain a steady flow of new followers for which I am really grateful and the engagement is really good fun. In the last few months I have been so excited to work with a few brands that are so exciting! It really has been a successful year so far!

Thank you all for the lovely messages that you send me, I really do appreciate them!

Thanks for reading,

The Summer Mama

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