We’ve just spent the weekend in Shoreditch & what a fantastic part of London it is. From the moment we exited the tube station for the short walk to our hotel it started. Colour, noise, bustle, amazing bars & restaurants and the hipsters, the achingly cool hipsters are everywhere. clearly this Mum on a weekend off fitted right in…..

We stayed at The Hoxton hotel, and loved it. Even tho at night the volume levels were that of a rave downstairs, it amazingly didn’t keep us up. I would definitely suggest asking for a higher room if you stay, we had the 2nd floor and it was genuinely ok like I said, but next time (and there will be the event we came for was rescheduled to August) we would go for a higher floor.

The Hoxton

We ate at @dishoom which was Incredible. I genuinely think I could eat anything from the menu (which I took home with me btw- I love looking at interesting menus). Everything we had was mouth watering & bursting with flavour. Just the right amount of spice & their dhal is to die for! I can’t wait to go back.


We also tried box park. I’ve never been to any of these before so I was really keen to see what it was all about. We had some nice dirty vegan chips which was perfect for a snack on the go!


Basically every corner you turn in Shoreditch & Brick lane has another artisan style coffee shop, vegan cafe, amazing eaterie, it’s a culinary delight without all the pomp.

…then there’s the Columbia Road Flower Market and all the great shops/stalls surrounding it. So busy, vibrant and colourful. Flea market finds galore and I could’ve spent hours browsing…. but alas we had to get back to the other side of London where the munch was awaiting us!

We stopped by at the gorgeous & quirky Courthouse Hotel for one last coffee. The bar in here has ‘cells’ you can hire our for privacy (not a party, they are v small) & brilliant artwork including the Mona Lisa behind bars.

The courthouse hotel

Just to clarify nothing in this blog was a gift or an ad. Just sharing where we stayed and what we enjoyed because we had the best time! If you’re thinking of a day trip or stay in London I do recommend it. Hope I’ve given you a taste of shoreditch cool.

Thanks for reading

The SummerMama x

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